Froggy's Crepes - "Great Food to Enjoy"

Do you have a private function or party coming up? - Perhaps a children's party, wedding or corporate event?

Are you tired of sausage rolls and quiche and would like something a little different to impress your guests or clients?

Then look no further than Froggy's Crepes.

I am here to serve you.

About Us

Our hand carts are neat and attractive and can be positioned in a very small area without any inconvenience to you or your guests. .


Almost every country has its own version of the crepe, but it was in France's Brittany region where the tools and techniques were created and perfected, elevating the crepe to an art form. In the early days of the crepe, white flour was an expensive product, reserved only for royalty that's why savory crepes were traditional made with buckwheat , an easy to grow plant. As farmers became wealthier, they began to enjoy sweet white flour crepes as an after-dinner treat or with coffee for breakfast.