Locations of Dublin City Lunchtime Markets

  • This place rocks
  • Should not be missed
  • You will be so glad you ate here.
  • Enjoy!
  • Best vegetarian Burger

Harcourt Street

Brand New Lunchtime Market with over 30 stalls, opening on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14th September, 2010

Markets 2011

Open from 10am until 4pm every Thursday in 2011

An exciting multicultural Lunchtime Food market, which is serving up a range of tasty dishes. Try the English Pie Minister vegetarian pies, or a German Sausage, Caribbean Mango or meat curry, or the Argentinian grilled steaks.

All menus start from 5 euro

New Events

We are also now planning to open this market on a Sunday.

2011 - Markets open every Thursday

Harcourt Street is about to happen this coming Tuesday 14th September. Be there for your lunch and don't crash out like the famous train crash at Harcourt Street station - see picture left!
Harcourt St where you can sit down, enjoy your friends, some good food, a chat. A place for the social, and you can text or go to our facebook page at Dublin City Markets and see what is going on.