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Having a Party? Why not organize a Caribbean Party and give them something to remember. All Engagements, 21st.s, and Post-Wedding Parties catered for.
Send for the “ ChickenShack”
Happy Partygoers enjoying a ChickenShack Event

For as little as 8 Euro each we can cater for your Caribbean Night for all events of 50 or more .We can also organize Korean, Spanish and Indian Theme Parties or have your own mini-festival of world foods. ‘Phone 0861609486
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Range of Foods

Combination Platter

Well Folks, after trials and errors and from listening to our customers, we seem to have arrived at our signature dish. It is Reggae Potatoes, Caribbean Rice and Jerk Chicken on a bed of Lettuce and topped with a Fruity Salsa, all for a fiver.
It's so reasonably priced that Politicians have been known to pay for it out of their own pockets !